#Fanart Friday

Yes, Fanart Friday has become a thing on the HUB! Every Friday, a new piece of art from the community will be showcased on the blog. Do you want your work featured? Here's what to do...

Getting Featured

To have your work presented in a #Fanart Friday post, we ask that you follow some guidelines. Please know that we are not doing this to make your life more difficult... rather, we want your submission to go through a streamlined process where we can assure you your work falls into the right hands. Have a look:

STEP 1: Download your free copy of "The Book of Darkness" or "The Synthetic Equation" here:

S2_Vol1_Patreon_Book of Darkness
Download PDF • 9.74MB


Patreon_The Synthetic Equation_vol1
Download PDF • 4.52MB

STEP 2: Send an e-mail to: fanart @ sandybutchers.com (yes, there's spaces you have to remove. Bots LOVE e-mail addresses!) STEP 3: Subjectline: Submission Fanart Friday STEP 4: Tell us a little bit about yourself and introduce the art you are submitting. Is it tied to a specific story? A specific chapter? What inspired you? What are we looking at, etc. The more enthusiasm you pour into this, the more likely your work will be featured. STEP 5: Attach your image as a .jpg or .png file (or send the link to the YouTube video if you made something of that nature). Please don't send us anything larger than 2MB's. OPTIONAL: If you want us to tag your social media platform in the featurette, let us know!

That's it! Hit that send button! We'll be in touch as soon as your work is planned to go up on the website.


This week's Fanart Friday Featurette

Made by: @SamBoppes The Singularian - SVRN-1/Sovren

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