As I already mentioned a couple of times this year, some amazing things are happening behind the scenes. For the past couple of months, I've been working on the Ultimate Collector's Edition of Season 1. This Hardcover Edition contains ALL the stories, illustrations, and riddles from Volume 1-12, and is a 350-page thick beast of a book (yes, it's really that big).

The Ultimate Collector's Edition
The Singularian Grimoire Anthology - Season 1


Linked to a synthetic body, Sovren was the most lethal weapon mankind ever created. The fact that he wasn't human bothered no one. At least, not until his unit formed a hive mind that drove mankind to the edge of extinction.

Four centuries after the apocalypse, Sovren is the only one left of his kind. Hunted down by what remains of humanity, he finds himself battered and broken in a cave with no memory of what happened the day of the cataclysm. But with an old archenemy rising and leaving his mark on the population through wicked science experiments, Sovren realizes he is no longer the only man-made creation walking the earth. The world is torn between becoming machines or becoming monsters, and Sovren is at the center of a war where his entire existence may just become the key to the survival of the human race.

Set to recover his memories before doing anything else, Sovren meets strange and intriguing people along the way. Humans seeking to become Splices, Splices looking for what it means to be human, old A.I. systems that wish to come back into existence once more, and his own creator's worst enemy, all help put the pieces to the puzzle back together; unraveling the secrets that have turned the world into the post-apocalyptic warzone it is today...

More than 60 pieces of Original Concept Art

This Hardcover edition of The Singularian Grimoire Anthology contains 350 pages, and more than 60 pieces of Original Concept Art. The high-quality prints make it even easier to get lost in over 80 stories included in this collection.

Start your journey at the very beginning. Witness Sovren's awakening, dive into the first Sixsmith journals, meet the Splices and find yourself torn between wanting to cheer for the machines or the beasties created by a dark force opposing them.

A year's worth of stories and illustrations, all bound together in 1 single volume is waiting for you...

Enter the Apocalypse...

Join Sovren and the crew to desolate places, deserted to wither and perish in a unique post-apocalyptic landscape... From the ruins of Creation, to the Black Oak Orchard, or the ruined church of The Ladies of the Lunar Order.

"Each of the epic locations are broken and beautiful in their own twisted way. It's mesamarizing to see how much attention to detail has been put into this book."

The cataclysm that wiped out 2/3 of humanity spared nothing or no one. Enjoy the vast settings and post-apocalyptic moods with a wide cast of characters at your side.

Explore Contemporary Issues

Join the conversation about contemporary moral issues. Explore the relationship between Transhumanism & Bioconservatism, while the cast does all the heavy lifting on the subject. Dive into subjects like (virtual) identity, post-humanism, and moral questions like "what drives humans when it comes to survival?" and "What defines the human soul?"

Discover a Brand New Cinematic Universe

With more than 80 stories to devour and over 60 high-quality illustrations, there's a vast new world waiting to be discovered. The settings are gigantic. The world Sovren lives in has been potted out into the tiniest details. Dramatic lighting, vivid shadows, and complex compositions welcome you into a ravaged world waiting for salvation. The world is as complex as our own, with mysteries demanding to be solved and dots requiring to be connected.

"Absolutely PHENOMENAL! Sandy Butchers is an amazing artist and if you've ever seen the YouTube videos of her process in creating the illustrations, she spends hours bringing to life her visions. This anthology is well worth the money based on the artist's talents!"


40% discount for Patreon members

I wanted to give you all the opportunity to get your hands on a copy... a very special copy that is. Because your Patreon membership grants you access to a personally signed edition for almost half the retail price! (Do keep in mind that shipping costs may vary, depending on where the book needs to be shipped).

If you want to get your hands on one of these signed hardcover editions, all you need to do is sign up at: Any membership will unlock your 40% discount!


Pre-Orders are open!

For those who don't want to join the community and simply wish to devour the book and its vast universe, pre-orders are open. Leave your name and e-mail address in the subscription form which you can find here.


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