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With the first half of 2022 behind us, it's time to take a moment and look back at the awesome stuff that has passed the revue, and look at some amazing things that are yet to come. From a new series of Timelapse Videos, to The Singularian Short Story Collective; you'll find it all in this month's Singularity!



Crack those fingers and roll up those sleeves; it's time to shine! We are proud to announce that starting this month, July 2022, the Singularian Short Story Collective is OPEN FOR SUBMISSIONS! So what is this all about? I'm glad you asked! Starting in July, we will be hosting a bi-monthly 'competition' where writers can submit their cyberpunk short stories and win eternal fame on the Singularian platform and beyond. We are talking about real cyberpunk, you know; cyborgs, neon lights, the impossible made possible, human augmentations, you name it. Humor? Sure! Excitement? Absolutely! Give us the best you've got! You won't be doing this for nothing, not even just for 'fame'. Every story accepted into the Collective, will be rewarded with a personalized art-print that goes with your story. Want to know all the ins and outs and how to submit?



With the world back open to interaction, festivals, and events, this year has been one of wild encounters and amazing meetings. With HSFCON kicking off the season, 2022 has more in store; opportunities to meet & greet with Sandy Butchers, places where you can watch LIVE illustration sessions, and of course sales events where you can get your hands on signed copies of both the books and the art. Have a look below at the schedule to find an event near you.

AUGUST 20 - Kamper Stripspektakel SEPTEMBER 24/25 - Festival Historisch Zoetermeer OCTOBER 15/16 - Stripfestival Breda DECEMBER 11/12 - Midwinter Fair Archeon

The dates mentioned above have been confirmed. More will follow! Keep an eye on the website for added dates.



I know, I know, it's still summer. So why on earth would I be keeping myself busy with the season of gifts and presents already? The only right answer to this is: BECAUSE THIS IS FREAKING AWESOME!

The entire set is still under construction, and depending on the products the pricing still needs to be set. But I thought this was too cool to keep to myself until release day. These gift bags will be trialed and tested during the Breda Comic Con in October and the Midwinter Fair in December. So, if you want to get your hands on one of these bags filled with goodies and exclusive merchandise... you know what to do!



The Singularian has turned into a giant network of places where fans, readers, writers, and artists can meet. It should be no surprise that Discord has taken a central place in the connection between individuals looking for a place to call home. For a couple of months now, The Singularian Discord has grown steadily. It now features a collection of 20+ creatives who regularly come together to share their theories on the next episodes of The Singularian books, exchange feedback about art and fiction in a safe environment, and in general: have fun connecting with each other. Don't be shy! Join the community today:


Did you know there are several limited-access channels for Patrons only? These limited-access channels provide you with exclusive LIVE illustration sessions by Sandy Butchers, grant you early access to new riddles and even sneak previews of upcoming chapters, and much more! Subscribe today to gain instant access.






Superheroes and supervillains are real. But what if, beyond their dastardly deeds and heroic exploits, deeper, darker truths lay hidden? How far would you go to expose these truths in this modern age of media? In the idyllic city of New Francisco, Kevin and his best friend Cool Greg seek to get closer to the Capes and Cowls than anyone else. But in their quest for internet coverage, they discover signs of possible collusion within the superhuman community. The unlikely duo follow clues towards answers that could fracture the world . . . and their friendship. Through battles with villains and public perception, the pair learn what family truly means. The Cape is a Lie, The Ballad of Kevin is an action-comedy full of laugh-out-loud humor, thrilling super-powered battles, and more than a few heart-wrenching moments of human connection.BUY ON AMAZON

New Bhutan is rioting after the closing of the SEPA Project. In an effort to gain the people’s favor, the Family plans a tour of every settlement within the barrier. While Penna tries to win over her people, Cadence gets swept up in everyone else’s plans. Hui wants to save the Banjarians before it's too late. Sepora wants to save Penna. Zeesha, Tashi’s personal guard, wants her sisters back. They will face more challenges than they ever expected, but each must succeed. With Tashi’s plans set in motion, the lives of the Banjarians and the New Bhutanese depend on it.  BUY ON AMAZON

Town marshal Elias Faust thinks that he can make any problem go away if he throws enough lead at it. The living’s easy for a lawman. Bloody, but easy – that is, until Magnate Gregdon arrives with his undead syndicate to tear the town of Blackpeak, Texas apart. When a shootout with a pair of outlaws goes sideways, Elias Faust accidentally draws the Magnate’s attention. As if dealing with arcane sorcery, reanimated corpses, and the Magnate’s personal vendetta aren’t enough, Faust finds himself at the center of a power-struggle for Blackpeak’s eldritch secrets. Suddenly, staying alive just got a lot more complicated. Hunted by a cadre of sandshades and hounded by sinister spellcraft, Elias Faust may be the only bag of skin defiant enough to keep Blackpeak from being destroyed. To outlast the Magnate’s disciples, he’ll need to shoot straighter, run faster, and live longer…even if it means sacrificing a part of himself to do just that.BUY ON AMAZON




She walks in my direction; she will pass this terrace. My dormant systems spring crackling to live, activating old instincts and long-forgotten reflexes. My tech sprays hormones like a dazzling perfume as my system jumps into alarm mode: multiply! ​ As my ancient success formula demands, I rise. My tech controls the lubrication of age-old joints. Arms flutter, knees bend rhythmically, and hips rock elastically as I once did, decades ago. Dormant applications start and seductively rap one 'hi babe' after another 'yo bitch'. Proven strategies always take precedence...


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