The Magic Behind Science Fiction

We've seen all combinations: science fiction, fantasy, science fantasy... these are only the surface of an iceberg that floats in an infinite space of possibilities. In fact, one could say that because of the limitless possibilities of science fiction, there is reason to call the genre magical...

Altered Carbon, Netflix
Altered Carbon, Netflix

The Perfect Combination - Altered Carbon

Of course, I am well aware of the fact that people may think differently about the subject. If something features magic, fantastical creatures, or impossible twists, it's easy to put something under the common denominator of Fantasy. But, being a Sci-Fi author myself, I am a firm believer that Science Fiction and Fantasy can walk hand in hand. It's all about balance. For me, a perfect example of that balance is Netflix's (sadly canceled) tv series 'Altered Carbon'. The show indulges us with a full range of genres all blended into one. We are looking at science, we are looking at shape-shifters, post-apocalyptic cities, VR-technology----it's all there. However, when watching Altered Carbon, you are thrown into a pool of sci-fi without realizing it features so much more than what we would consider sci-fi in general. How is this possible? Balance. Details. And a very powerful palette of style choices.

Frankenstein's Monster
Frankenstein's Monster

The sky is the limit, Dr. Frankenstein

What a weird title, isn't it? It'll all makes sense, trust me. In a way, Altered Carbon is the perfect Frankenstein creature: it took the best of a bunch of genres and mixed them into one. It took computer and VR-tech from sci-fi and turned it into an integrated part of humanity that seemed so familiar, viewers had no trouble adapting it. It took mythological creatures and shoved them into a sci-fi sleeve (pun intended) through DNA-splicing, instantly drawing it out of the fantasy genre and slamming it into Frankenstein's monster. It took the end of the world as we knew it and pushed it forward into time. All these choices put together the fundament of something great, something that would change the world... much like Frankenstein's creation would.

The fun part of all of this is that, as the title indicates, the sky is the limit. Everything is possible and if it's not possible, you can always invent a solution to your problem. Does that solution need to be possible? Hell no. If I want to create a human mind functioning outside a human body, I can invent a synthetic one instead. Is it possible? No. Does it fit the genre? Hell yes. As an author, I rely on concepts like these. I thrive when the problems pile up because, simply put, the more problems I run into, the more my story starts to take shape. The more things seem impossible, the more solutions I can invent to make my worlds come alive. Worldbuilding is key here. And in worldbuilding, details rule the lands. The sky is the limit.

Magic and Science walk hand-in-hand
Magic and Science walk hand-in-hand

So what about The Singularian?

The Singularian started out as a Frankenstein's monster all by itself. I was merely exploring what would happen if a human mind would be put into a machine. What kind of problems would that mind run into? What kind of problems would that machine run into? Very much like Altered Carbon, I started to dig around in different genres that could help me find solutions. I would need a mad scientist who was crazy and heartless enough to experiment with the ideas (Sixsmith Industries). And that mad scientist would need competition to speed things up (Griswold Gen-Tech). And to make things go "boom", I wanted both scientists to prove to the other that their way was the right way if they wanted to save humanity. So, I let Sixsmith delve into the world of Artificial Intelligence, and I let Griswold take a deep dive into DNA-splicing.

I take a lot of inspiration from books/games/tv shows like #AlteredCarbon, #Destiny2, and even #StarWars. Each of these titles are experts at walking the thin line between magic and science. I love how Destiny 2 has established an entire universe that blends magic, science, and technology with the same ease as making a peanut butter sandwhich. Warlocks walk side by side with Exo's (who are, in a way, pretty similar to how a Singularian would work). With The Singularian, although not even close to being as big as any titles mentioned above, I, too, try to find and walk that line between science and magic. In search of the magic behind science, I'm always experimenting with new possibilities. Human computers, shape-shifters, undead... all roots go back to different genres, but all the buds come to bloom in Science Fiction. I am exploring the gap between trans-humanism and bio-conservatism and telling a story while doing so. Much like Dr. Frankenstein.

The Sky is the limit.

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