Of Shards & Ruins: Pre-Release Party

Season 2 of The Singularian Grimoire Anthologies is in full swing. With the first volume of short stories and illustrations released in January, Volume 2: "Of Shards & Ruins" is about to throw the books into a new level of interaction. To celebrate this new branch of evolution in the world of writing and reading, let's throw a little party... a pre-release party if you will. How about we kick off with a cover reveal?

Janice Wrayburn is back!

Janice arrives at the bunker (Dock-9) a moment before the catastrophic explosion is detonated. With her crew barely walking away from it, she decides that with the Singularian having slipped through her fingers, sifting through the debris for anything worth the trouble is the best they can do.

In de middle of the chaos that wreaked havoc on the land, Janice and her convoy run into an old familiar: Nakija, the Witch of Jephcot’s bog, who tells her there is something more important to find than the Singularian himself: his memories.

Haunted by the fear of failing, treachery, and riddles Janice must solve before she can continue, what started as a mission to intercept the Singularian, has now suddenly turned into a complex recon mission that cannot be completed without help.

The Book of Darkness is the second volume of Season 2 of

The Singularian Grimoire Anthologies.

Janice looked up, her face twisted in a look of malcontent. “You know as well as I do that if Griswold gets his hands on the Singularian, he will do anything but leave us alone. He’ll always need us; he’ll need samples, DNA, test subjects before he starts splicing us with machines."

The New Interactive Riddles

You may have read the "Sub Rosa" article earlier this week (if you haven't, you should!). In it, I explain the origin of the rose as a symbol for secrecy. In this month's volume, "Of Shards & Ruins", the Sub Rosa symbol will make its first appearance.

Lester Sixsmith has left clues throughout history, trying to prevent to wrong people from getting their hands on The Singularian, while at the same time trying to make sure the right people could move closer to protect it. Janice will be the first to uncover such a clue, but she cannot solve the riddle without your help. Crack the code and head on over to TheSingularian.net. Here, in the Riddle section, you can enter your decryption key to retrieve a message that has been lost in time... a message that will help the cast to protect Sovren... and maybe even help him regain his memories.

“The source,” Nakija answered, “yes, this is Sixsmith’s.” She looked around as though she followed moving shapes. Her fingers moved as though she picked up pieces of a hidden past. “Sixsmith put it in the chest,” she whispered, her voice twisted and her eyes glazed over, “but the contents are Corbyn’s.”

5 Brand New Illustrations

Did I forget to remind you that every book in the series is fully illustrated? Each chapter comes with an exclusive, hand-made illustration to draw you even deeper into the story. Perhaps you'll even discover some clues in one of them...

Did you know there is a special, dedicated YouTube channel that allows you to take a sneak peek behind the scenes? Timelapse videos of the original artwork are posted regularly and, with any subscription to the books, you get exclusive access to even more videos. Have a look at one of this month's featured pieces:

A Pre-Order surprise!

As stated in the opening paragraph of today's blog post, it's is all about celebrating the release of a next chapter in the franchise. For this reason, I want to point out that subscribing to the books before the 28th of February, will be the best time to do so. Here's why:

- Whether you subscribe to Season 1 or Season 2, you get all the previous volumes of that season in Digital PDF for free along with this month's episode.

- You are instantly eligible to get your hands on one of the collector's mugs when they ship out in May 2022

- You are instantly eligible for all the goodies, giveaways, and extra's as shown on the Roadmap 2022 - You get a free, exclusive Singularian Bookmark as a one-time bonus.

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