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Updated: Jul 29

Crack those fingers and roll up those sleeves; it's time to shine! We are proud to announce that starting this month, July 2022, the Singularian Short Story Collective is OPEN FOR SUBMISSIONS!

So what is this all about?

I'm glad you asked! Starting in July, we will be hosting a bi-monthly 'competition' where writers can submit their cyberpunk short stories and win eternal fame on the Singularian platform and beyond.

We are talking about real cyberpunk, you know; cyborgs, neon lights, the impossible made possible, human augmentations, you name it. Humor? Sure! Excitement? Absolutely! Give us the best you've got!

So, let's talk business... Rights? Money? Print?

Because, let's face it: it's what writers want to know, right? I get it. So let's break things down.


First of all, it's important to us that your work will always be acknowledged as yours. That being said, for the publication on this website and the anthology at the end of the year, we claim non-exclusive, first world, print and electronic rights. You are free to distribute, re-distribute, and publish elsewhere. However, you should keep in mind that if you want to submit your story to larger magazines or publishers after being accepted at The Singularian, they might consider this a reprint.


As we are only starting this up, there is no money involved. We simply do not have the funds to pay per word. What we CAN do, is provide you with a platform to promote yourself, give you freely distributable author copies of the ebook (oh yeah, we didn't get to that point yet, did we?) by the end of the year, and a paperback copy for Patrons. We do hope that in the future, as this competition will grow, we will have more funds available to pay every writer for their efforts. But for now, it's token-based appreciation only.


This is where the fun begins. Because you will not only get your story published on the wall of fame of The Singularian HUB, every end of every year, we will publish and print a complete anthology of all the works that were accepted. Even better yet, every story will be provided with an illustration, of which every author will receive a signed art print. These paperback copies will be distributed to all writers who are also a Patron of The Singularian Platform.

So in short:

- Your story will be published on the website

- Your story, once published on the website, will become part of the annual anthology

- Everyone who has a story accepted will receive a digital copy of the annual anthology

- The anthology will be produced in paperback form and distributed among Patrons

- Everyone who has a story featured in the anthology will receive a unique art print that accompanies their work.


  • Cyberpunk! Give us all your cyborgs, augmentations, ethical dilemmas, and neon-noir pubs.

  • Something well-written.

  • Stories that are written in English.


  • Include submissions as a .doc or .docx attachment to along with a brief cover letter in the email body. Please attach only your story (no images, do not put your story in the body text of the email).

  • Please use the following subject line: Short Story Submission: [TITLE] by [AUTHOR NAME], [WORDCOUNT] words.

  • Stories should be no more than 4,000 words in length, and submitted in standard manuscript format.

  • Submit only one previously unpublished short story or flash collection. We do not accept multiple submissions from the same author until we have responded to your pending submission.

  • Simultaneous submissions are okay, as long as you promptly withdraw a story accepted elsewhere.


  • Our publication operates in (limited) print and e-book. All accepted stories will also be published on the website, in the Community Area.

  • We claim non-exclusive, first world, print and electronic rights.

  • Authors who become a Patron will receive their paperback copy in January.


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