It's official: The Singularian Merch Store is Open!

Updated: Jul 13

The Singularian, in all its shapes and platforms, has grown beyond anything I could ever have imagined over the past two years. What started out as a small experiment on Patreon, is now suddenly the center of attention for podcasts, book-tubers, interviews, and... merchandise!

The coming of official merch is actually a pretty big thing. In year one of the Singularian Project, there were only 2 things any collector could get his/her hands on: the First 10 Badges and a Limited Edition Art Print.

Of course, these kind of limited edition items will remain exclusive for Patrons (what more reasons do you need to subscribe?). But after a lot of thinking and even more requests from people who have by now read the Hardcover Collector's Edition, I thought it was high time to start sharing some of the fun. After all, The Singularian is a concept that does extremely well when it comes to gadgets, goodies, and merch. No surprise then that the decision to open up a shop to do exactly that was not a very difficult one to make.

Under Review

A lot of the original artwork is currently being reviewed to see which pieces can best be used to give you all that little extra. Of course, the sigils you know from the covers of all the individual episodes are ready to be implemented, and you'll be able to find those prints on various items already. You'll also be able to find a select amount of brand-new designs, but we'll leave it up to you to explore the shop and discover those art pieces yourself.

So what does that mean for Patrons, now that everybody can get their

hands on merch?

What an excellent question, I'm glad you asked! Like I said before, Patrons will ALWAYS receive exclusive items that cannot be purchased in the store and are limited edition. Often, de number of copies of those items matches the exact amount of Patrons currently subscribed to the platform. For example, the mugs that are connected to the next stretch goal will not be the same as the mugs you can find in the shop. They will feature an exclusive design and there will be only 15 copies available.

So where do I find the home of all the awesome goodies?

You are full of excellent questions today! The shop is open and can be found here. Keep an eye on it, because the shelves are far from full and were are uploading new designs & new products almost every day!

Happy shopping, Oh, Singularians mine!


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